Remembering who my God is!

It has been so long since I last wrote a post here on Tosin’s Bible Blog. Wow. If I am to be honest, my mind has simply not been in the right space to write a post. However, perhaps that is exactly when it is most important to write these posts.
My silence here does not mean that I have not been writing blog posts at all. Because I have been writing. So many in fact! I have been writing many many many blog posts on my relationships blog, Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie. Many of those posts have been for the benefit of a certain male individual, whom I call Mr TDA.

You know what? I have had so much fun writing those Mr TDA posts! I love being able to exercise my mind to express just what is necessary.

But you know what else? I was just thinking that in the midst of the fun and humour and the breathtaking candour, I still have to remember who my God is. As much as I like Mr TDA, he is not my God.

My God is big and He is powerful and He is the one who is the King of the entire universe – and beyond it! He and He alone is the One who is worthy of all my worship, all my adulation, all my praise. So thank You God for Mr TDA. Thank You for the hopes I am shameless enough to express publicly. However You are the real King of my heart, and You always will be. I live to worship You (and You alone), oh Lord!

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