Well hello there!

Looking at my blog archives, it has been over 2 full years since I last posted on this blog. In fact, it has been over 5 full years since I actively, regularly posted on this blog. That has largely been for the following reasons: I used to post quite actively here as I had the time, and I invested lots of time to immerse myself in the presence of God. So I could generally trust that what I was communicating here was sound and boiling hot in terms of Bible truth. Over the last 5 years that has not been true; I just have not had the time to immerse myself into the presence of God as I would like. I’m grateful to God for keeping me in Him all those years. However I don’t want to write things for the sake of writing things; I want to make sure that what I write here is both scripturally and spiritually robust, I don’t want to share anything lukewarm with site readers. I just could not trust that over the last 5 years, so I chose to only write minimally. However recently things have changed again. So I am hoping that moving forward, I will be able to resume regular writing here, if not immediately, then hopefully over the next few months. It would be lovely to have you come along on the journey with me!

God bless you all, Tosin 🙂

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