Thank You and thank you!

Tosin's Bible Blog: Thank You and thank you!
Sticking with the fruit theme…

Well I would like to dedicate this particular post to “Gratitude”: thanking God, and also thanking someone else!

1. Gratitude!
Oh my goodness, God has been SO GOOD! So good, so so so so good! I am so grateful to Him for all that He has been doing in my life, all the understanding that He has been pouring out upon me, His amazing provision for me, the fact that it was not cold today when I went out! My life feels as if it is in the process of being transformed, just because my understanding is being transformed! My mouth is full of joy! God, what an awesome and gracious God You are!

2. Gratitude!
Once again, I would like to thank that person who might be praying for me! Just a few days ago, after I wrote a post on my other blog, I felt an impulse in my spirit that I might have been a little unfair to a few people I spoke about, when I said that they did not bring their hearts before God for forgiveness. What occurred to me was that they may indeed have asked God for forgiveness, possibly countless times, but at the time of their actions towards me they just did not feel forgiven. (I do plan to amend the post to reflect this, but I’ve been umming and ahring about that too!) The point here though is that the way the impulse hit me in my spirit, I immediately thought that someone must have prayed for me, and I automatically assumed that it was the mysterious prayer supporter. As always I might be wrong, but I am so hoping that I am not wrong!

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