Why I wrote *that* article

I’m sorry if I did not make this very very clear on my earlier post.  There was absolutely one reason only why I wrote my earlier article on tithing, and that was to defend my own viewpoint.  I wrote it especially for people who were in church with me that Sunday, when I put my hand up to say that I did not believe that tithing was a biblical commandment. I knew that in a million years they would be unlikely to hear a strong defence of my own viewpoint from anywhere else, so that is why I provided it myself  in the article I wrote.

It is very important to me to defend my viewpoint scripturally because I talk so much about my faith.  I do, after all, write this Bible blog, and I am currently working to translate parts of the New Testament into a copyright free English version.  It is so important to me that everyone should understand that my faith is totally grounded in the Bible as the true Word of God.  I was thinking that if I did not write that article, then, because people would be unlikely to hear a defence of my own position elsewhere, they might be tempted to think that I was promoting heresy.  However, I hope it is fair to say after my article that if people do not agree with me, they will at least agree that I have a point, and they might see the Biblical grounding of people who don’t believe in tithing as a Biblical commandment.

Unfortunately, since my viewpoints directly contradict those of other people, it can’t be helped that my article seemed to challenge those other viewpoints.  May I also gently add that no-one has come forward with a (credible) refutation of my points…?

(I say “credible” because someone tried to argue that the simple fact that Abraham and Jacob gave tithes means that we are all commanded to do the same – do you agree?)

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