About Me

My name is Tosin. I was brought up in a fervently Christian home, and I have always considered myself a deeply committed Christian. Despite that, many years ago I made up my mind to be totally “sold-out” to Christ,  that I would live for Jesus, that in everything and everyway I would be totally committed to His service.  That was the best decision I ever made.

I want to know God as much as I possibly can.  I want to know His Word, the Bible, inside out.  I want the truth of His Word to be alive in my life in so that everyone can see it.  All for Jesus.

Why this blog?
In living my life for Christ, many thoughts occur to me and I like to think through different issues concerning what it means to live for Christ. Sometimes things strike me about modern Christian life that seem totally wrong or inappropriate.  I like to express my views about these things.

Who this blog is for
This blog is primarily  for fellow Christians,who like to think deeply about different issues.  I invite readers to engage with my viewpoints, and challenge them as necessary.  Many of these posts concern issues I am struggling to understand.  If you can provide clarity, then please do so.
This blog is also for people who are not Christians, but who are interested in Christian issues from an intellectual viewpoint.  If you think a Christian attitude to something does not make sense, please let me know…


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