Gratitude! 13th May 2015

Beautiful white flowersThis is an idea that occurred to me such a long time ago. I’ve been listening to myself and everything that comes out of my mouth is a complaint or a criticism¬† so many things expressed here on this blog are complaints or criticisms. This is partly because I want to be honest, and there are so many things that could be put right in our world! That said, when it is a constant, unrelenting onslaught of these observations, then it becomes sheer negativity!

So what inspired me to finally do it? Well it was something that someone had posted on Facebook, and I thought: “Right! No more procrastination!”

OK, so everyone has heard me talk about what there is to complain about. Here are a few things that I have to be grateful for, things that happened today!

1. I am so grateful that the sun was shining! This is all the more true because I went out, I spent many hours outside, and it was glorious from start to finish

2. I went to an amazing business fair today. Despite leaving the house quite late, I managed to get around most of the fair, and I also replenished my stock of pens! I came back with a few ideas and contacts, and I look forward to looking through the available literature. And it was completely free!!!

3. After the business fair, I went to a mentoring meeting – again free! I had a lovely chat with a gentleman who is hopefully going to link me up with a business mentor

4. I made a few business friends today; I had a few intensive chats with people whom I hope to keep in touch with!

5. I have to admit that I was smiling at my own reflection quite a lot today! I felt so happy and confident in my appearance as I was walking along!

6. I am so grateful for the last few months, and how my horizons have been broadened; just going out to meet people! If nothing else, that has provided me with so much energy! And all these interactions have been so very positive!

7. I thought up yet more business ideas! Or rather I thought of small additions that I could add to existing business ideas. I started trying to think in more concrete terms about one of my more abstract ideas.

8. I actually got locked out of one of my blogs today, for only the second time ever. After being a little frustrated for a while, finally I managed to get back in and do some work!  ALSO (how could I have forgotten this first time around?!) there has been a little ongoing issue with my blogs which has greatly frustrated me, and stopped me from being able to work as freely as I would wish. Thankfully today, I finally thought of a very easy workaround which means that I can at least resume work as normal until the issue is fixed!

9. I am grateful for being alive. Something happened today which actually made it possible that I might not have been alive to write this post. Seriously. But God in His mercy protected me, and by His amazing grace here I am!

10. I am grateful for the freedoms of my life. Looking around, and seeing the suffering caused by natural disasters, as well as persecution encountered by Christians and other people in various parts of the world – I cannot overstate how blessed I am, and how blessed most of us reading this are.

Plus all the other blessings that I enjoy every day: health, a beautiful smile, being able-bodied, delicious food, my Mum’s amazing cooking, my loving family, my caring friends, having my financial needs met, beautiful clothes, hope of an amazing husband, (ha ha!) clean running water and sanitation, a roof over my head, gas, electricity, internet access, a lifestyle where I am able to express my passions and do what I love, great hopes for the future; and ultimately eternal life, and above all Jesus, and the Bible!

So there are so many things that I have to be grateful for, and Lord I am grateful to You, and I pray that You will forgive me for always finding it so easy to fall into negativity.

Gratitude is a lifestyle, and I want it to be my lifestyle, being beautiful with joy inside and out! So by the grace of God, this is only the first of many gratitude posts!

Bible Verses:
Psalm 105v5:
Remember His marvelous works which He has done,
His wonders, and the judgments of His mouth…
Photo of beautiful white flowers from Pixabay
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