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Wow, it truly has been a while since I last wrote a post on this blog. This post is quite short: I am here giving an explanation for my silence. In short, I have been editing the blog to make it more user-friendly by adding more specific sub-blogs and populating them with relevant existing content from this blog.

For a while I’ve been aware that the format of this blog, where everything is just thrown together, might be useful for people who are happy to read random, untargeted thoughts. And a few people apparently are happy to read content like that. However, for people who are looking for specific things it would be hard to locate the information that they are looking for. This is something I have spoken of before, that I myself sometimes forget these points that I have made here, and I will come back to the blog to remind myself of the lessons that I have previously learnt. So recently I have been searching for some thoughts I previously expressed here on this blog. Even though I myself wrote it, and I know that it is here, I’ve greatly struggled to be able to find it. How much more would this be true of people who are randomly searching online for information, who just happen to stumble on this blog, without even knowing for sure that what they are looking for is here? Even if it is here, the likelihood is that they will not be able to find it as I have not been able to easily find it.

So at last I am doing something about it. Hopefully I will soon be able to draw up a helpful simple outline that could direct people to the information that they are looking for in a straightforward way.

In the meantime, these are the existing sub-blogs that I have added so far, and who might find them useful for what. (Links open in new tabs.)

BASIC TRUTHS: For people trying to understand the basic aspects of the Christian faith.
This is a very simple sub-blog that literally outlines all essential aspects of the Christian faith. Because these are things that will not change, the essential content of this blog will not change or grow.

This sub-blog was established for the sake of getting back to the Bible on this blog. The posts on this sub-blog are primarily about Bible verses, and what they mean. I am still trying to think of a user-friendly way to arrange these posts, in terms of what a reader might be looking for, but at the moment they are simply arranged in terms of Old and New Testaments. I hope to be adding to this blog weekly with fresh analyses of Bible passages.

This sub-blog was established to communicate to readers what it means to live the Christian life. It is written largely from my perspective as a Christian who is determined to be utterly committed to God and to pursue radical obedience to the Bible. It is the information that is now on this sub-blog that I myself have been desperately searching for on this blog, because of late I have felt that I have largely been going through the motions regarding my Christian life.

More sub-blogs: coming soon!
By God’s grace, I do plan and I have already started work on more sub-blogs. I hope that site readers will find them useful and I hope that the new format of the site will make it easier for site visitors to find whatever it is that they might be looking for.

God bless, Tosin 😉

Bible Verses
Psalm 105v4:
Seek the Lord and His strength;
Seek His face evermore!
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