Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

The work on The Open Bible is released under A “Creative Commons” License as specified above (Licence for those of us in the UK).

These license restrictions only exist to prevent people modifying the text, and to make people aware that this text is freely available for them to use.

This means that:
1) You are free to distribute the work

2) YES, you may use it for commercial purposes.  If you in any way make money or charge for any item using The Open Bible Text, then I ask that you please state on the work “The text of the Open Bible is available free of charge and free to distribute from “Tosin’s Bible Blog”” and put a link to this website:

If you do not make any money or charge for any product using the text of The Open Bible, then you may simply put “The Open Bible” without any further reference

3)NO, you may not modify it.  This is because it is Bible text, it has to be represented accurately.  If you spot a mistake, simply let me know.  However, if you wish to use this text as a basis for your own complete (and accurate) translation of a New Testament book, or the entire New Testament, then please feel free to do that.
Added 22 March 2012 – YES, YOU MAY MODIFY IT – However, please make it clear that this is no longer the original Open Bible Text by adding “Modified from the Open Bible”.

4) When quoting from or referring to this Bible text, you must quote it EXACTLY. If you accidentally miss out a “not”  for instance, in “You must not commit….” then that would obviously change the whole meaning of the sentence! – otherwise please put a note saying that it has been modified from the original Open Bible text.


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