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I’ve been trying to think of what to write for my Sunday notes, as my mind has been somewhat full of other thoughts recently.  And then I happened to open an old notebook, and I came across what I had written there 5 years ago to the day (tomorrow):  Tuesday 2nd June 2009.  I’d love to share with you what I wrote there, then, 5 years ago, as it demonstrates the approach to my faith which by God’s grace I have cultivated for so long, and as it was then, by the grace of God it remains now!  Ironically I remembered after first writing this post that I very recently referred in passing in another post, on my other blog, to the person I was 5 years ago!  Well here she is!)

This is the approach I have to pretty much every goal in my life, every idea, every vision:  I will get the general topic, and then I will brainstorm all the most profound and powerful ideas thoughts I can think about it, then I will think on how I could implement each of those thoughts in my life.  If you do not already approach your (Christian) life this way, can I say that I find this to be extremely powerful?  Instead of just waiting for life to happen to you, or for “the chips to fall where they may”, you proactively sit down and write out what you want, what you dream of, and then you write out the steps to achieve those dreams, and then you do it?! This is what all my dozens of notebooks are full of – thoughts, challenges, encouragements to myself to strive for the very best I can be, in this aspect of my life and in every aspect of my life.

Furthermore, now that I have actually typed everything out, I know that it is not an accident that I found this particular notebook with these notes written on that particular date. This is a challenge to me where I am now, from my own history, not to get complacent, but rather to keep pressing in, to be fervent, to be determined – and to be full of the Bible. (This is especially true because of the part where I speak about a dream, looking ahead to the future, how I wish to be fluent in different parts of the Bible!)
So this is what is actually written in the book: I have written out everything as it actually appears in the book, including spelling mistakes (targetted….focussing) and any other grammatical errors! 😉


LIVING FOR JESUS!    Tues 2nd June 2009
Important Aspects of this:
->Bible Reading – Intensive, targetted, joyful

-> Cultivating a sincere attitude of commitment to God and communication with Him

-> Regularly acknowledging any aspects/things that would/are standing in the way of my pursuit of God – eg idols: clothes, shoes, potential husbands – systematically working to demolish/root them out by God’s grace (think of a relevant Bible verse to declare/type up)

->Regular fasting for my relationship to God – that God would take control, that God would break the power of other gods in my life

Different Aspects of intimacy with God to pursue-
-Practise focussing on God alone
-Talking to God
-Listening to God’s Spirit – making my own spirit quiet (but fortified beforehand by God’s Word – so to not be subject to false inspiration)
-Pursuing the utmost of Christlike character
-God’s priorities – holiness, world evangelism, regularly, local evangelism
-Prayer to God with my spirit open; actual communication with Him
-God’s power
-God’s character, His sense of humour,

Being on intimate terms with Him
Being fluent and joyful in God’s Word, the Holy Bible

->Knowing what the Bible says, the story of the Bible
->Being fluent in what the Bible says
->Confession, meditation – Bible power for everyday living

2 Tim 3 v 16-17 Learning how to approach/make sense out of different parts of Bible – from a heart that is totally committed to God
-knowledge, confession, reproof, etc
-how to ensure balanced examination of the Word?
-knowing the books of the Bible in order

->Different aspects of confession
1) – for reproof/character
2) – for power

SO from all of these, deriving/defining a systematic approach to God’s Word

-Bible verses to type up, print out
-BIBLE – learning to analyse different passages – which part of knowing God etc do they /could they correspond to? SO!
-if I were to meditate deeply on this passage and inculcate it, what/how would I be increased?


Different aspects of Christian lifestyle to deliberately, systematically inculcate [wrt]
l-everyday, by fasting etc)



->100% commitment to God

->Christlike character

-Everyday, review and analysis of the application of all these OR of a specific aspect – to cultivate + practice etc

-Learn the Scripture, practice the Scripture –
15mins/day – practising attitudes etc

Consistent prayer requests
-[someone’s name]
-[someone’s name]

Two approaches to God’s Word/Bible Reading

1)Investigative Reading – Reading Bible to see what it says, to see which kind of Bible passage it is (eg reading Bible in a year)


MEDITATIVE READING- Reading the Bible passages hwere I have already established what they say – for the sake of inculcating a specific mindset or attitude

->Including confession etc of that Word
->For the sake of Biblical balance, let me first meditation on a balanced spectrum of God centred living – God, purity, holiness before moving on to meditate on other things like power, etc)

Moving to beautiful, floral handr

~Meditation, plus confession and prayer!

Read the basics, practise the basics

Who is like unto Thee, Oh Lord?

Identify practical actions to take from the Word of God



~Review of my day according to Biblical issues – main in fundamental issues


God’s Church ~ Worldwide, Locally

-Looking over my day – typical day – which parts of Godly character/a faithful Christian walk – need to be emphasised?  OR!  how can each basic aspect find excellent manifestation?

A dream – looking ahead to the future – being fluent in different parts of the Bible aspects – where each part is, the context
what it says
-God’s character

Two ways of subdividing the Bible
1)The Bible itself – knowing what it says according to existing Biblical structure
2) According to different topics/subtopics

Bible Verses:
Luke 10v47:
27 So he answered and said, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’[a] and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’

Image of Jesus and His cross from Pixabay
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