Please pray for Nigeria!

I am just completing an inventory of websites that I have created, and I have come across this site:
“Prayer for Nigeria”

I only created it earlier this year, in January, after some turbulent times for Nigeria, which is where my family originally come from. However, such is the pace of life that I had essentially forgotten all about it until I saw it once again today.

I would encourage anyone who has a heart for Nigeria to please use this tool – or if there are other tools available online, to use something.  I know that strictly speaking it is not necessary to have a website to help you to pray for a country.  However the advantage of this website is that it makes it easier to keep a record of prayers that have been prayed. It also makes it easier to connect with other people from around the world who are similarly praying.  It also makes it possible to see what people from within the country itself would appreciate prayer for.

I would appreciate comments and suggestions. Perhaps it would be useful to create a Twitter hashtag for Nigeria prayer (if one does not exist already) and pull in prayer request tweets directly onto the front page? 😉

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