Well, once again, it has been such a long time since I last posted on this blog. It has now been a matter of weeks!  And yet I want to write something, to thank God for all that He has been doing, all that He continues to do. I’m hoping to sort myself out to resume weekly blog posts shortly.

All the same though, I deeply need and want to express sentiments of joy and gratitude before God. I’ve been thinking over a few things, especially that the fabric of society is getting eroded more and more, and that we as the Church desperately need to resume our role as the “salt and light”, taking a lead in living lives of integrity and honesty. I’ve also been thinking that we are all going to get shaken more and more – recent events especially here in Scotland show that many people are reaching various points of abject desperation.  As Christians we definitely need to be grounded in our faith and in our God, otherwise the force of coming events will almost certainly shake us away.

Now more than ever, we need to remember that God is God.  Now more than ever, we need to put our security in God. Everything we have always taken for granted about our society, day to day security, prosperity and peace is being threatened.  Even as Christians it is so easy to put our faith in the security of our nation, to have a quiet but false confidence that “that can never happen here!” But you know what, no matter what happens God is still God! He still reigns on the throne now as He has always done, as He always will. God is the only unchanging constant in life. And thankfully for us, God is good!  His will for us is joy and peace. We may face unbelievable difficulties down here on earth (in the Bible, Jesus promised us this!) but God will be with us through whatever we face.  And then of course, we have the hope of joy and peace forever and ever in Heaven if we would only endure through this life (which is not all hardship, even for Christians!)

So then, if you have never put your hope in Christ, if you feeling shaken, and you don’t know what or whom to trust, trust God!  He created you and me.  He is bigger than the entire universe, so nothing that happens in the universe, much less on planet earth, could ever threaten Him or frighten Him.  He always knows what to do, and He always has a plan. I of course encourage you to research the teachings of the Bible, and find out about, and think through the promises of Christ.  However, when you realise that this is truth, when this thing resounds in your soul, please do not put it off a second longer!  Give Jesus your allegiance, invite Him to take over your life, embrace His truth, throw Yourself into His word, surrender yourself to the whole-hearted pursuit of His truth.  This is the only thing that guarantees ongoing security in this world, precisely because it is bigger than this world. So I encourage you to do that, not least because we need you on the battlefield! God is so much looking forward to the time when you finally embrace His truth, because He loves you so much, and He has a future planned for you where He longs to use you mightily!

And finally, recently I vaguely heard some very positive news about a church that I have criticised many times, and quite bitterly too, here on this blog. I’ve only heard it from one source who was not very clear about the details, but apparently this church may now have started a weekly prayer service. If this is indeed true, then I definitely have to give credit where credit is due. I really hope that it is true, and I hope that the prayer and Bible life of the church concerned, both of the individual members, and of the church collectively, will go from strength to strength.  Amen!

I hope you all have an amazing week, and remember, choose Jesus.  Make the one-off decision to surrender your life to Him, but then, once you have done that, choose Him every day, choose to honour Him first and foremost in all your decisions. Make Jesus the focal point of your life so that He may pour out His life and peace into your life (and love too, if that is not too ironic coming from me!)

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