Praying for: Nepal: April Earthquake, 2015

Mount Everest
Mount Everest

This week, among other situations, I plan to be praying for people affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

Could I encourage everyone who reads this blog to try to take some time out to pray for Nepal? Perhaps you could aim for about 10 minutes a day for a week? I would also encourage people to give financially to reputable charities to help out at this time of crisis.

These are aspects that I hope to be covering in my own prayers:

1. That even as time elapses, people will still be found alive, and uninjured; that miracles of survival would happen
2. That God would comfort the hearts of people who have lost relatives in the earthquake, or who have been otherwise affected: for instance people who have lost their homes and all their possessions
3. That God’s protection would be upon the survivors; that God would protect them against the likelihood of disease and the consequences of being out in the cold without shelter; that God would enable efficient networks of food, clothing, shelter and sanitation to be quickly put into place
4. That God would enable necessary aid to reach affected areas quickly and efficiently, that God would grant effective leadership in the time of this crisis
5. That God would grant the means for people to quickly rebuild their lives and move on; that greater earthquake protection would be built into the infrastructure moving forward
6. Special prayers for people who might be stranded on Mount Everest; prayers that they would be rescued
7. A general awareness over the whole country that even in this time of disaster and devastation, there is a God, and He does care about them.

If you can think of any other requests that might be useful, please feel free to contribute them in the comments below.

PS:  Here is a link to an article which explains that the technology to make buildings “earthquake proof” is already available; earthquakes themselves don’t kill people, rather it is the collapse of shoddily constructed buildings that wreaks the damage

MSN article

Photo of Mount Everest by Simon on Pixabay

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