Why I am “religious”

This is one of the first notes I posted onto my (long-suffering!) Facebook Profile – way back in May 2007! Explaining to the world why I practise my faith the way I do!

I know I can sometimes verge on being OTT about my faith, but surely, if Jesus is who He claims to be in the Bible, and surely, if that same Bible is true, then surely, this God, this Jesus, deserve absolutely everything…surely?

I just can’t believe – quite frankly I don’t want to believe – that this amazing world that we live in came about by accident, or that the wonder of human life is due to blind chance…

Perhaps I do want to be physically attractive, beautiful, gorgeous etc etc for the most pragmatic and thoroughly human reasons – possibly concerning a certain guy – but I also want to be a genuinely lovely person, shining with the kind of glow that you would expect from someone in constant contact with power and beauty of the kind of magnitude and intensity that the Bible talks about…

Jesus FIRST, Jesus ALWAYS, Jesus ONLY – Tosin O’Jesus

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